#1 LightningDAO — Why even bother?

2 min readMay 11, 2021

Need for Levinswap

Chapter 1 — Funds are (un)SAFU

Question one should ask himself/herself before getting into DeFi is — why even bother creating decentralized finance tools? Specifically — automated market making decentralized exchanges like — Levinswap.

To answer the question, we need to look into the history of crypto markets for a split second.

Over the past few years, as crypto markets developed, we’ve seen many, many centralized crypto exchanges who launched, flourished and then disappeared. What do I mean by “disappeared”, exactly? Simply put, they either exit scammed or got hacked.

Now why did this happen? How could an exchange steal its user’s funds? It all comes down to — centralization.

When it comes to centralized exchanges, users don’t really own the assets they’ve deposited on the exchange. There’s a saying in crypto — Not your keys, not your coins. This saying refers to the underlying philosophy of cryptocurrencies — the individual/organization that has control of/access to the private key(s) to said wallet, effectively controls cryptocurrencies residing on that wallet’s balance sheet.

And so, we — as users — trust these centralized exchanges to not run away with our crypto or to have sufficient amount of cybersecurity in place, so that there’s no unauthorized access and that no hacker runs away with our crypto.

Chapter 2 — Middlemand?

Levinswap is a fork of Uniswap. Contracts that we use are identical to Uniswap’s V1/V2, which are verified, public & transparent and up to review by anyone who wishes to do so.

These smart contracts allows us to create predetermined functionalities which can’t be changed, effectively creating a system/protocol which can be verifiable & immutable.

For example — if one wishes to trade his/her Ethereum for someone else’s UNI, they can utilize smart contracts to ensure no one gets taken advantage of. No one party needs to trust & send his/her crypto first, the smart contract will ensure that both parties get what they wish, presuming conditions set before by the parties are met, for example — user 1 needs to deposit 1 ETH and user 2 50 UNI. If one falls short, contract refunds both parites their crypto. The smart contract will effectively be the middleman, charging no fee and also, won’t be prone to any “bribes”.

Levinswap is basically a basket of smart contract functions, which are predetermined, immutable, public & verifiable. And so we, as users, can interact with it, trade, provide liquidity & much more with ease, knowing that our funds are under our control and hence — ‘SAFU’.

Real Estate Revolutionized

This is the main reason we’ve partnered with RealT, to give tokenized real estate investors the ability to trade, provide liquidity & earn fees on them (and in the future, much more) without the need to trust any 3rd party.

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