Update #2

Farming has launched and for 2 full days, users were able to enjoy farming LEVIN. We also reached milestone of $250,000 in liquidity in just 2 days!

Levin token also reached new ATH — $9!

We thank everyone for joining and contributing to the ecosystem and will have new exciting updates in the coming weeks. This is just the beginning.

Farming — Digitalgangsters

For a split second, if you visited farm.levinswap.org (it’s now secure & operational) you were redirected to digitalgangster.com — a forum for… who knows what. This can’t be left unnoticed.

The whole day I’ve been helping people left & right with the airdrop, making sure no one was left out, whilst making sure people would be able to farm. Once the website was ready I deployed it via our hosting service and changed DNS configuration. Few hours were left before farming and I didn’t want anyone to be able to visit the site, so I changed the DNS pointing to test.(…).host.app, which pointed to said website.

Due to this mistake, farming website went live 20 minutes late— DNS had to be propagated. The mistake was made due to me not being focused on one thing and one thing only — farming. Once one of the RealT user in RealT’s Telegram chat pointed it out, I immediately changed the DNS. I thank the user whole heartedly, because it could’ve been worse. These kinds of things should not happen, but still, we’re humans and we make mistakes and I’m glad I was able to catch the error as quick as I did and fix it before it dealt more damage.

To ensure that things like this won’t happen again, we’ll be expanding and dividing the labour. Hiring moderators to moderate the chat, helpers to help the community with questions, so that I, along with anyone who joins me with development, can focus on what’s the most important — the protocol.
- Luca, Levinswap

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