Update #3 — Levinbar, Farming, NFTs and More

3 min readApr 2, 2021


Farming has been launched for almost a week now. Results that we got from farming exceeded our expectations. We’ve reached $500,000 in liquidity, price hit new ATH at $9.00 and there’s been an influx of new users onto our platform.

Today, we’re announcing few new pairs which users will be able to farm, which include:

LEVIN/WXDAI — weight 200 (40%)

STAKE/WXDAI — weight 100 (20%)

STAKE/LEVIN — weight 100 (20%)

REALT S 19596/LEVIN — weight 50 (10%)

REALT S 5601/LEVIN — weight 50 (10%)

Weight refers to how much LEVIN tokens each pair gets every block.

Reminder: Farming pools will be updated once every week on Friday at 8 PM UTC.


Next week we’ll be releasing Levinbar — staking platform for LEVIN holders.

Users will be able to stake their LEVIN, acquired either by buying or farming, and earn share of the 0.05% swapping fee that Levinswap imposes on its trades via App.levinswap.org. Here’s a sneak peak:

Sneak Peak


Concerns have been raised by the community members regarding specific wallet — the DAO wallet, which held 2,750,000 million LEVIN tokens, as well as tokens that the team holds. As many of you know, we’ve partnered up with RealT, tokenized real estate investment platform and as a way for two projects to bond together a lot more and to give LEVIN community members and investors ease of mind, we’ve locked up 2,750,000 LEVIN in a multisig Gnosis safe wallet.

2 members from Levin and 2 members from RealT are in control of the wallets responsible for signing transactions, with threshold being 3/4. We’ll do our very first governance voting via Snapshot (more on that below) on the multisig — changing 3/4 to 4/4.

Gnosis safe wallets:

LEVIN 1–0x571Df05FB80550187082BF2d6947c403abC6130F

LEVIN 2–0xCB3443013a0d21B0c94c459105Eca7970F288840

REALT 1–0x705DA9798b8288B586c6DB016734Eab6D1e9b23a

REALT 2–0x73691406fD48a95E2aeDAdEB42fF86A337CbA01b

Gnosis Safe address — 0x756d2091Ef8b721B8110f2aA7659b5eA291D2722

As for tokens that the team is holding, we’ve locked them up in following contracts:

Team (active):

Total tokens locked — 450,000
Interval — 6 months
Withdrawal amount — 50,000
Withdrawal address: 0xF73B40e8467122f9B84E9E84155de0aD35bf7d23
Smart contract: 0x630eecFD1Cf0e0083D5a6CCB0a56b38C05995E1A

LP providers (active):

Total tokens locked — 200,000
Interval — 6 months
Withdrawal amount — 20,000
Withdrawal address: 0x07e3F3D99DcA114BFFcA52Cc0d14DB280929F8bd
Smart contract: 0xb17177b6f464c1970D2ec6C351BC752856F73dB6

Development (active):

Total tokens locked — 175,000
Interval — 3 months
Withdrawal amount — 15,000
Withdrawal address: 0xDB16eb1F7A332C07CDFd18c2DC6A08a987B7291E
Smart contract: 0x061cc9D4bdA1805eac1DC27979e58Dc4C01304F2


Timelock contracts are verified on Blockscout.


We’ve created our very own space on Snapshot. After our PR request has been accepted, LightningDAO Snapshot will be fully set-up and we’ll start utilizing it.

What is Snapshot?

Snapshot is an off-chain gasless multi-governance client with easy to verify and hard to contest results.

  • Creating a proposal and voting is free no transactions
  • Proposals and votes are just signed messages, stored on IPFS
  • Signatures are easily verifiable online it uses the “eth_sign” format
  • They don’t have any token
  • It’s free to create a space it takes 5min
  • Spaces can have their custom domain name
  • Spaces can have their own skin
  • Fully open source with MIT license
  • They don’t use any tracking or ads in our site

Lightning NFT

At Levinswap, we’ve been discussing NFTs. What purpose does it have, how can we integrate it into Levinswap’s ecosystem, so that it benefits it and doesn’t become a speculative asset, like many NFTs have.

We’ll be sharing the details in the coming weeks as we develop and polish the system.

Don’t forget to join our Telegram chat — https://t.me/levinswap

Discord — https://discord.gg/vpFjHHrhM3

Twitter — Levinswap (@levinswap) / Twitter